Works Tracking System ,is a web based system that provides the requisite information of works taken by various agencies based on the data fed into the system by the designated agencies/offices, in regular intervals. It also makes use of mobile technology to capture the data details, like starting date of a work, progress of work during execution, date of completion of work etc. where required.


* To monitor and evaluate the progress of work and its quality as per plan.
* To assist the administration in decision making for timely implementation.
* To monitor financial planning- requirements and expenditure of all works.
* To link to MI Tank Memoires. ( A separate software application is proposed to be developed for capturing data of MI tanks).
* To facilitate remote access to the online system through mobile phones for progress updating and completion information.
* To generate online reports on progress both physical and financial, milestones, financial status to facilitate decision makin.g
* To have total transparency on the activities at all levels including stakeholders.
* Scalable application for other types of works like major types and medium types.


* Facility to capture static data like Salient features of tank ( from tank memoirs project when completed), Administrative jurisdiction .
* The program captures data and disseminates reports from the stage of sanction of estimates to completion of work/ sub-works. Shall facilitate multiple Technical Sanctions under one Administrative Sanction and also multiple contracts under one technical sanction. .
* Details of previous (5 years) works shall be captured from works register with details like CR No/ DR No, scope of the work, Date of tender/ nomination, estimated cost, agreement cost, total amount paid to agency from respective division offices and circle offices. The work of data entry and validation for the completed works shall be the responsibility of the Executive Engineer of the Division. .
* For incorporating details of works taken up / to be taken up from inception of Works Tracking System .
*System shall have information pertaining to Scheme/ Program, Project / Tank, sanctioned under which reference (Prajapadham / C.M.Assurance etc.).
*System shall be designed to define works and their characteristics on the following components:.
         + Surplus weirs.
         + Sluice.
         + Bund strengthening.
         + Canals/ Feeder Channels.
         + Facility to include more components at later stage.
* Design of input formats, data table structure and web page design.
* To facilitate systematic collection of progress information of a work using mobile technology.
* Generation of reports like
         o District wise/ Mandal wise / Village wise
         o Circle wise / Division wise / Sub Division wise
         o Constituency wise (Parliament / Assembly)
         o Assurance wise (Prajapadham / CM Assurance etc.)
         o Program wise (World Bank / JBIC)
         o Report on works regarding completion and pending
         o Depicting milestones, Progress (monthly/ Quarterly/ half yearly)
         o Reports on QC aspects & Checks, Inspection and vigilance reports
* Facility for online communication of instructions/ observations /comments on mobile and internet
* CADA has to provide all static data/ master data required to make the software operational
* CADA has to provide all the hardware required, SIM card for SMS.