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Creation and management of irrigation infrastructure is a key strategy to achieve the goal of “Haritha Andhra Pradesh”. The flagship programme of “Jalayagnam” of Government of Andhra Pradesh aims at creation of additional irrigation infrastructure apart from modernization of existing irrigation systems, Major, Medium and Minor across the state, to add about 4 million hectares of irrigated area during the period of five years (2004-2009), investing nearly rupees One lakh crores. Simultaneous emphasis on management of irrigation infrastructure would facilitate water release for tail end areas and optimization of agriculture output.
Reservoir Storage Monitoring System Andhra Pradesh Water Users Association Canal Network Flow System Works Tracking System
Reservoir Storage Monitoring System is the software application developed as website for monitoring water storages in major and medium reservoirs of Andhra Pradesh. Irrigation & CADA Department has the overall responsibility of storing and maintaining such information of the status of Reservoirs. Mobile technology is integrated into the .... Read more
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Government of Andhra Pradesh has enacted APFMIS Act 1997 to bring in sense of ownership of the irrigation system to the beneficiaries i.e. Farmers. As per the act, based on the size of the Irrigation System, different committees are constituted. Through election representatives are elected to head these committees and take the responsibilities of sharing ....Read more
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Canal Network Flow Monitoring System (CNFMS) is a web based system that provides the requisite information of water flow in the canal network of more than 10 Major Irrigation Projects, to the concerned officials for decision making. It forms basis for monitoring of release of water to canals against the water release schedule and necessary decisions for optimum .... Read more
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“Works Tracking System” ,is a web based system that provides the requisite information of works taken by various agencies based on the data fed into the system by the designated agencies/offices, in regular intervals. It also makes use of mobile technology to capture the data details, like starting date of a work, progress of work during execution, .... Read more
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To improve the quality and timeliness of service delivery through the development of a flexible, result-focused culture across the public service using systems which effectively monitor performance and promote accountability.To foster local government reforms in accordance with the Constitution 73rd and 74th Amendment Acts with the objective of making urban and rural local bodies more accountable to the people.To ensure that the people have a strong voice in the governance of the state and local bodies, through developing participatory mechanisms in the planning, delivery and monitoring of public services, enhancing decentralization, promoting better management of common property resources, conserving the environment and ensuring inclusiveness of the poor and disadvantaged.